Crafting update – Covid-19 style

Well hello readers, its been awhile since I’ve given a captain’s log. The days have turned into Groundhog’s day and not much was new so I let that slide for a bit. However, I have finished a crafting project, I believe it is #7 for 2020. I moved some of my WIPS over and started this cowl because it was a super cute pattern repeat and was a great TV watching project. The Yarn was dyed by me, unsure I wrote down the recipe, but may try to recreate since it is bright and fun. I hadn’t named it previously, but decided it needed to be a corona colorway. The pattern was hilariously named “Don’t Touch your Face” by Nicola Susen. I decided to send it to a work colleague who’s doing front-line work and because she loves to wear bright colors and it told me it needed to go to her house.

In an interesting turn, she lives across town from me. I put said gift in the mail and it proceeded to have a great adventure. It was picked up from my mailbox, proceeded to leave Birmingham, went to Memphis, then Atlanta and then back to Birmingham, where the tracking said it was happily delivered in her mailbox. Hopefully she enjoys.

A previous finished object was a gift that has now been given, since there won’t be any pre-birth baby showers for the newest member of the Agarwal Lab group. However, Baby Boitet is going to be snugly warm in this when he arrives.

I clearly need assistance on my craft project photo skills, maybe that can be another learning curve during quarantine.

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