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Captain’s Log – COVID – 19 Day 7

Sunday’s historically are the day of rest.  When socially distancing it’s definitely a day at home.  This Sunday we were supposed to be playing bells in church, that however didn’t happen since we are presently doing church online.  However, this week we were able to set up our small group to virtually meet. I won’t share the picture since I know most of us rolled out of bed, maybe showered, but wouldn’t necessarily want that image saved for posterity on the interwebs.  It was great to get together with all of them, if not in person, at least to see their faces.

Since it rained on and off today I stayed in the house, watching some silly TV and worked on crafts.  I caked up the yarn for Bea’s going away gift so will start working on that soon.  I also have finished edging a few more of the block blanket squares.  Once I’m done with the edging I’ll put them all together to make the blanket.  I started this blanket last January in a building blocks class at my LYS, Knit Happens. The class was on the book Building Blocks by Knit Purl Hunter (Michelle Hunter).  It’s a really great way to learn a lot of knit stitches since the pattern book also comes with links to informative videos if you need a visual way to learn the stitch.

Tomorrow we start week 2 of work from home.  Signing off until then.

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