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Captain’s Log – COVID-19, Day 6

So Saturday I’m usually busy running errands, doing laundry and relaxing a bit.  However, in the socially distanced time we are currently in, my laundry is caught up, I stocked up on groceries when we were told to socially distance and my house is picked up.  So since it wasn’t raining or terribly hot, I did get out in the yard to kill off some fire ants and deal with the back yard flower bed.


The garden still needs to be tilled but until I get some seeds it isn’t critical for that to be done.  I also sprayed the brick patio with weed killer.  Yesterday I mentioned that I was planning on going to Brixx to get my favorite pizza, well it turns out they are not having any curb side or pick up service, so I instead decided to try and make my own califlower crust pizza.  I followed directions, added mushrooms and olives to my pizza.  It wasn’t a crispy as I intended but I think next time I will bake it a bit longer to crisp it up.


It turned out really well, I think and it tasted pretty good too.  But next time I make my own I’ll bake it on the longer end of the recommendations.  After dinner, I did work on a hat I’ve been working on and finished it this evening.  So count that for WIP #6 of 2020.

20200321_223224 This quarantine has been really good on my cleaning out the freezer/pantry plan and my knitting/crocheting.  Also my house is pretty well picked up too.  So we’ll see what trouble I can get in to on Sunday.  It’s supposed to rain most of the afternoon so we’ll see how much crafting I get done tomorrow because of that.

Signing off, from COVID-19 Day 6,

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