Captain’s Log – COVID-19 Day 5

End of a work week, a work from home week, and oh what a week it has been.  I’ve gotten some work done, I’ve got my laundry caught up, I’ve run the dishwasher more that ever before and I’ve cooked for myself every day.  I think I’m going to venture out tomorrow for some groceries and may swing by Brixx for some take out califlower crust buffalo chicken pizza.  Oooooh busy busy Saturday.  If the weather is nice (read, not raining) I will start trying to clean out the flower bed in the back yard.  I do need to think about tackling the garden but since I don’t have seeds or plants yet, that doesn’t seem likely.  I should maybe check online to see if seeds are still available.

So this evening the happy hour group from work got together for a virtual happy hour, that was quite nice and a good way to catch up with everyone.  Then later I watched a live from the living room performance of Trey Duncan, it was a really good time.  Full disclosure, he is dating the daughter of a friend of mine so I jumped on her watch party.  Still really good, and I got my two requests in 🙂

Ok, well it’s a wild Saturday night here on the Bluff, the rain seems to have stopped and I’m group chatting with a few friends while I knit and play on the internet.

Signing off….till Saturday!

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