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Captain’s Log – COVID-19 Day 4

Space and Distance the final frontier.  To boldly stay more that 6ft from anyone else. In a land of social distancing we practice humor.  So I failed to update you on Day 3, much to say the only thing new was an essential trip to the doctors office.  However, upon my return home, because I’m now doing all the cooking for myself.  WHOOP!!  I made stuffed peppers in the Air Fryer.  10 minutes at 360, with the last 3 to melt the cheese. 20200318_182154

It was a bit messy on the clean up, but you know, I’ve got time.  Also if you like a smooshier pepper you should leave it in longer.

Day 4 – Ran a few Zoom meetings, answered emails, filled out legal forms for routing, did some web searching for various other requests.  Day in the life.  Although to add a bit of levity, I’ve started signing some of my emails with Socially Distanced, instead of Thank you, Sincerely, etc.  Only one person has commented so far.

Things I’ve learned today, in medical lingo circles PUI is patient under investigation (in this case suspected for COVID-19 but not yet confirmed). #Themoreyouknow

I also was able to chat with some of the ladies over video chat this evening.  We had a great time catching up virtually, caught up on work, life changes via COVID-19, kids, cats dogs, all the things. It was really nice, definitely we’ll need to do it again.  Ok I’ll sign off now, until tomorrow.

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