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Captain’s Log – COVID-19 Day 1

Space, the final frontier.  To boldly stay distant for the foreseeable future.

Who can’t use a bit of Star Trek to make social distancing (ie Social Isolation) a bit more humorous.  So I’ve been absent in the blog-o-sphere but now that I have time on my hands and nowhere to go, here we are again.  You’ll be getting a lot of updates it seems.

Quick recap, for posterity, a novel virus (COVID-19) has been making it’s way around the globe and in an effort to quell it’s spread we are in the place of social distancing.  I’m only hoping this move is seen as over-reacting in the end because the alternative is quite distressing.  Meanwhile, UAB had designated me Workgroup A (Administrative/Academic??  I’m unsure) and Group 2, thus my role does not “really” require me to be on campus to complete it and therefore I am released to work from home and amuse myself for a minimum of 2 weeks.  Although I like the idea of working from home, that also generally comes with after work activities, book club, church events, time/dinner/outings with friends.  So all that is a big NOPE!  So, what have I been doing?? I’m so so glad you asked.

At the end of the year last year I made the crafting goal to finish the WIP’s I had either already started or put in bags and ready to go before starting new projects.  Now, I did a pretty good job (except for that baby announcements, which of course require afghans) and the super fun yarn I found in DC to make Heather a hat for her move to areas that require stocking caps.  Thus far I’ve gotten 5 projects done (2 WIPS and 3 extras)

So pictured here are the Baby afghan for Baby Larson (already delivered), the hat and fingerless mitts for Heather and Lauren’s Neutrophil.  This totals 4 projects.  The fifth project is a baby afghan for Baby Boitet but since it hasn’t been gifted yet it doesn’t get it’s photo debut yet.

Baby Larson’s blanket was a straight knit stitch using Sarasota Chunky yarn in Yellow, Natural and Jade (Go Blazers).  Heather’s Hat is the Myra Hat by Knox Mountain Knit Co. in the Diplomat colorway (so DC appropriate) from Less Traveled Yarn, her mitts are fingerless (Since I was cutting it close on yarn) in the Maize pattern by TinCanKnits and again the Less Traveled Yarn. Baby Boitet afghan was crocheted in Sarasota Chunky slate and jade. Lauren’s Neutrophil is the Amigurumi Neutrophil pattern by Butterflylove1 and in Berroco Vintage in Aster and Lilacs. Crafty things I’ve learned, how to use double pointed needles and made my first Amigurumi knit.

Things I learned on Quarantine Day 1, I’m truly and extroverted extrovert and this social distancing is going to be hard. I’ve already had two non work related video conferences just so I could talk to people, one of which is friend Gwynn who also is an extroverted extrovert and planning on hosting nightly happy hour check ins for people. In other news, I successfully hosted a Zoom conference for the entire division that was attended by 82 people (maybe even 86 at one point) and the only issue that came up was that the computer connection for our Division Administrator didn’t give her a microphone access, which was a problem, as she needed to speak.  Fortunately, she was able to attend in the office of our Business Officer so that snafu was solved.  I’m sure by the time this is over I’ll be quite versed in the different aspects of Zoom conference capabilities.  Did you know you can impose an alternate background on your camera view so if the room you’re in isn’t quite what you intended you can put an alternate background behind it.

So I believe I’ll be signing off for this evening, I’ll check in tomorrow with a day 2 log.

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