2020 Crafting Goals

The 2019 crafting goal was to finish 13 yarn projects in 2019.  On this last day of 2019, my Ravelry projects page tells me I’ve started 15 projects (I do love a good cast on) and have finished 8.  Not too bad considering that only one of those was a crochet project.  So I’ve completed 3 shawls, 2 baby afghans, and 3 cowls.  I started a few projects for classes I took this year at Fiber Fun in the Sip (which is a great program), a multiple squares blanket (I am half through square 11 of 12),  an advent calendar project and a new baby afghan for a new announcement from a friend.  YAY.  So my goal for 2020 is to finish these WIPS and then work on my project bags of projects that are already kitted up.  We’ll see how successful I am with this portion.  Also I’m going to try and add more crochet projects in since those go quicker for me :).  So I guess deep down my goal is to finish 13 projects in 2020 even if I started 7 of them in 2019.  HA HA!  Other things on my agenda is to corral the chaos of my office/craft room.  I always seem to start that on New Year’s Eve/Day since that is scheduled down time.  So here it goes, welcome to 2020.  Happy crafting!

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