Advent Calendar

So the Holiday season is upon us, I am not a big decorator but I do love advent wreath readings, any rendition of Hallelujah (Pentatonix version is a current favorite), and O’ Come Emmanuel (Lauren Daigle), the entire Nutcracker Suite and a well read version of the Christmas Story (there is a version out there of Chris Pratt reading the Christmas Story from Luke….so good).  I also love a good Advent Calendar, this year Beatrice brought me a scented version from Germany.  Some of the smells are really good, pine tree, orange spice etc.  Other’s are not a fragrant.20191204_072113

My other advent calendar is a yarn advent from Bumblebee Acres Farms in the Harry Potter Advent Colorway.  It’s also a Knit along pattern called a Speltas that came with it. You can see all of my updates on Ravelry in my Advent Calendar Project page.  Each day there is a new color that is related to Harry Potter and it adds into the knit pattern in the same order.

Clearly I’m very excited but as a slow knitter I’m only half way through day 4.  I’ll post more pictures as I get farther along in the pattern.

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