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Blog Reboot

So I’ve been terribly bad at updating this blog and what I needed to realize is that I find this quite good for my soul.  Writing thoughts down here, not really for anyone else in particular but for myself.  I’m not a “journal writer”, I keep trying that but am not very successful.  So as a reboot, we’re touching base again with some of my favorite things.


The people in the know will tell you that you shouldn’t eat while watching TV or working, it will lead to mindless eating etc.  Well the difference when you’re cooking for one, there isn’t conversations to have so if you aren’t watching TV I, for one, eat TOO fast.  I eat pretty fast always, so when by myself without other distractions I even eat faster.  I do fully appreciate that taking some time, putting down my fork and eating more deliberately is good for me and my weight loss.  That being said, I distract myself with TV or my computer (or lets be honest, both).  This evening I was really craving scrambled eggs, but clearly there needs to be some things added.  So tonight I scrambled eggs, added some cooked chicken, chopped up sweet peppers, garden tomatoes, a few green olives and feta cheese.  Then of course it should be covered in Taco Sauce (my favorite, diet friendly, condiment).


It doesn’t look the most appetizing but i can tell you (as someone who doesn’t generally add tomatoes to things that aren’t salad) this was great. Proteins, veg, a bit of dairy and a few good fats even.  I also clearly need to work on my food photos (add that to the list of skills I would like to develop).


Our garden this year wasn’t a prolific as we had wanted it to be.  Mary Beth and I went all in this year trying to find a way to keep the rows aligned and noted but still it didn’t work as well as we had hoped.  We’ve got a plan that after we clean it all out we’re going to put in a good amount of commercial compost and till it under for the fall/winter.  Let’s hope that will help renew our little garden.  We’d been using our compost piles, I just think we need some commercial grade goodies in there for sure.  So we’ll shut it down and hopefully it will go better next year.  Although we did get quite a bit of Okra (for Mary Beth) and a few of the cherry tomatoes.  The tomatoes added into tonight’s dinner had some garden tomatoes.  Those were a nice delivery from my neighbor, who’s garden also wasn’t as prolific as they had wanted this year but they had a volunteer tomato plant that turned out quite well.  So hopefully all of us will get a bit of better turn out next year.


No photos this time (working on finishing one so I’ll post more pictures of them as I go).  I’ve completed 6 of my 13 projects for 2019 and I have 3 in the queue.  I’m also test knitting something for a designer I found on Instagram so likely won’t be able to post a photo of that one until she’s published it. So with the test knit I’ve got 10 projects in the works for 2019 and it’s August.  So I’m feeling pretty good about my plans to get 13 done in 2019.


What, are you talking about???  Oh yes, one of the ladies in the neighborhood put out the idea of starting a women’s wiffleball league.  It took off and we ended up having 6 teams of 15 women each for a league this summer.  It was a great amount of fun and I’ve met a whole new group of people in town so it was well worth the aches and pains.  I’m not the ball player I used to be #thisis40ish.  We took end of the season team photos and league photos and so I was cleaning up a picture frame to hold the photo when we get them for my Diamond Divas team.  I’m realizing the fact that I didn’t injure myself more this summer is quite a blessing.

While I was trying to clean the glass from the frame, I ended up cutting two fingers. What does the industrious farm girl grab, fish gloves, then I was able to continue cleaning the glass in the frame without cutting any more fingers.  Why you might ask do I have fish cleaning gloves?  I don’t really like fish and I haven’t cleaned any in years, but my Dad, realizing I’m klutzy got them for me for when I use my micro-plane and my mandolin so I don’t grate my fingers.  I think they’ve saved me more than I can count. So I guess they will be useful for cleaning glass as well.  Good to note from now on.

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