Projects for 2019

So I’ve started out 2019 strong for craft projects.  As I previously mentioned my yarn stash is arranged and I was able to finish my prayer shawl.  The term shawl is a bit much, it’s actually much more of a square.  However, I left it with the ladies group at church so hopefully it finds a new home with someone who will enjoy it.  Here is the finished square.


I was also able to finish a crochet project, Molly and I have been working on our yarn dying techniques for a while.  However, when we originally started it was very monotone.  So I found my 7 (yes 7) skeins of bulky yarn that we had dyed turquoise.  I decided to make a poncho (it will be super warm and will likely live in my office for when I’m chilly).  In any case, I have finished that one too. I made the Amelia Poncho. This version was very popular in the child size and I guess the pattern designer has decided to make it adult sized.  Again, I’m unsure how much I like it in this color but I also don’t know what else I would have done with the yarn.  So it can live at my office, once I block it and put the buttons on to make it more poncho like.  I will post pictures once it’s finally finished.

My squares for the Building Blocks blanket by Michelle Hunter is coming along pretty nicely.  Fortunately she has a great website with so many great tutorials on how to do the different stitches.  If you’re at all interested in learning some new stitches check out her webpage Knit Purl Hunter ( Here is square 1.  Square 2 is just about off the needles and then I’ll move on to square 3.

Building Blocks Square 1

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