Closing the Garden

Mary Beth and I decided against planting a fall garden this year.  So we pulled out the cages pulled up the big weeds and plants and then did a rough till.  We also decided that we wanted to make our own mulch/compost rather than buy it from the store.  Not that we won’t need to supplement but we thought it sounded like a good adventure #girlswhogarden.

So I did a bit of web-based research for a compost box on a budget and we ordered and had it shipped to the house.  So our first attempt is going in the spot that had a small greenhouse that had rotted away that was made by the previous owner.  So I cleaned out this area and even though there is some weed barrier, the amount of weeds that had found their way through I’m hoping allows for enough “nature” to get in for composting purposes (I guess it’s an experiment so we’ll find out for sure as time goes on).


In any case, Mary Beth and I got together this evening to assemble the composting box.  It wasn’t a super hard assembly but definitely required more that two hands so four made it go so much easier.  We assembled, set it in the area we wanted, so that it’s close to the garden but also accessible to the hose for wetting if needed.  According to some of the online things I had watched the best way to prep compost for fall/winter is to fill with leaves and “dry” brown carbon filled materials and then add the “wet” and green materials over the fall and winter.  So I actually raked my yard (hard-core I know) and we put all of that in the compost box.  I’ve added a few of the food scraps from today into the box and I’ll just keep adding more over the fall and winter and we’ll see how it goes for composting.  Again learning experience.  But you don’t know until you try.  I’ll report back in the spring when we start the tiller up again for next year’s gardening adventure.


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