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Garden Produce and Yarn Crafts

So the Garden is going gang busters currently, with rain most days and the humidity the tomatoes are popping quite a bit.  So Mary Beth and I spent some quality time out in the garden on Sunday collecting things, the upper left picture is only my half.  She took the rest.  I decided to try my hand at tomato sauce based on some of the comments from friends on Facebook about roasted tomato sauce, I did that one.  About 70 minutes later I poured the roasted tomatoes and garlic into the food processor and blended.  It ended up minimizing quite a lot so I have to containers that I put in the freezer for later.  I also processed some of the fresh beans.  I cold pickled a few jars and blanched and froze some others.  The rest of the veg are going to work after I made a few fresh for my lunch.  Whew, being domestic is tiring.  After that I decided to watch some of the Tour de France, my favorite July pastime.  I pulled out my yarn crafts and got to work, since that’s how I handle down time (always have to be doing something).  I finished project #6 of 12 for 2018, using the left over yarn from the Hardgrove wedding afghan to make a lapghan for myself.  No pattern, just dc stitches to use up the yarn and incorporate some of the test squares I had done a while back to practice basket weave (no need to rip those out).


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