Crafting updates plus….

So yeah it’s been a bit busy at UAB.  Grant application going in, finalizing the just-in-time information for another, appointing 16 undergraduates for the summer research program (not all by myself, I split it with a colleague), reappointing two postdocs, collecting applications for the other two spots, Two websites to finalize and update and sending out a pilot application request.  Whew.  Tiring, and that was just since March 🙂

In any case, last I updated I showed project #3 of 12 for 2018.  In the interim, the little boy that #3 was for arrived happy and healthy and mom, dad and baby are doing well.  Really looking forward to the photo updates.  In any case, I’ve completed WIP #4 and #5 for 2018.  One is for me and I’ve already worn it (my church has exceptionally functional AC) and the other is a Christmas gift (I was hoping to finish it last year but that didn’t happen, hence #finishallthewips).





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