Cooking for One

Instant Pot Pasta

For cyber-monday I ordered an Instant pot (Merry Christmas to me).  Friends have said it’s the best thing ever and I love my crock pot(s).  I’ve made hard-boiled eggs in it, which are awesome and so much easier than stove top methods.  So this weekend I attempted Chicken Penne Alfredo in there.  It was delicious.20180114_175212.jpg

Here’s how I did it.  I had some chicken that was previously cooked and shredded in the crock pot that I pulled out earlier in the day so not completely thawed, and put that in the pot.  I added a box of dry penne (whole wheat) and dumped the jar of alfredo on top of the pasta.  I then filled the jar with water (you could use broth, but I didn’t have any) and put that liquid in the pot but around the outside of the pasta.  Hint, don’t mix the sauce with the water/broth.  I then put on the lid and hit pressure cook for 6 minutes.  The box of pasta said to cook for 10 minutes and I halved for instant pot cooking but added a minute for the not quite thawed chicken.  Quick Release after the timer goes off and stir.  I think I could have added a bit more seasoning but that is easy to fix on the back-end too.  Overall, I still like my crock pot but if you don’t remember to thaw things the night before it’s super easy to get dinner ready in here.  YAY for home cooked meals (thus easy on the budget).

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